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Call Kurtis Investigates: For Second Time, Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Efrain Gonzalez Faces Losing License

Rocklin (CBS13) - The Medical Board of California and the Attorney General's Office have filed a 94-page complaint against Rocklin Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Efrain Gonzalez, stemming for his treatment of 15 patients at Advanced Med Spa.

Amy Rose of Roseville told CBS13 in November, Dr. Gonzalez cut through critical nerves during her breast augmentation, leaving her hand paralyzed.

"I just want my hand back," said Rose.

Tummy tuck patient Hope Moon says he left her belly button mutilated, and with a scar that runs from one hip to the other.

"I don't even really like to get undressed in front of my husband," she said. "I feel like my body is ruined."

Amending an earlier complaint filed against Dr. Gonzalez, the Medical Board of California and the Attorney General's Office have expanded the accusation to include 15 patients, including Rose and Moon.

The charges include gross negligence, incompetence and aiding or abetting the unlicensed practice of medicine.

Records show Dr. Gonzalez admitted he allowed someone in his office with no formal training to practice medicine on a patient. The state is now looking to revoke or suspend his license.

Dr. Gonzalez lost his medical license in Puerto Rico in 2006 for practicing in the specialty of plastic surgery without being certified as a plastic surgeon, which is required by law there. We reported here in California, any licensed doctor could legally perform any medical procedure regardless of their medical training.

"I'm just thankful that I got out alive," Moon said.

Patients who say he left them scarred and mutilated are now hoping he loses his license for a second time.

Dr. Gonzalez never returned our calls during our investigation.

Several of his patients are now suing him. Many we spoke with say they went to him for his low prices and Groupon deals.

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