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California Politicians Send Their Well Wishes To Pres. Biden, VP Harris

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as the president and vice president on Wednesday.

In his inaugural address, Biden struck a tone of reconciliation and urged the nation to come together.

"This is America's day. This is democracy's day," Biden said. "Today we celebrate the triumph not of a candidate, but of a cause. The cause of democracy. The people, the will of the people, has been heard, and the will of the people has been heeded."

Below is a snapshot of politicians from around California offering their thoughts and well wishes to the 46th President of the United States:

"Our country is rooted in our democratic ideals and the peaceful transfer of power. Today, history was made with President Joe Biden & CA's Vice Prisdent Kamala Harris. Now, we come together to become the America we know we can be," California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

"Today President Joe Biden said the words we all needed so badly to hear. He reminded us that we don't have to hate each other, don't have to scream, don't have to fight, but we can love each other and strive together for [a] more perfect union, even when we disagree," Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

"Congratulations to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Now we must get to work to solve the challenges facing our country. We are all Americans, and together we will succeed, as we have for more than 230 years." Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield).

"It's a new day in America. Patti and I are sending our congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their inauguration as President and Vice President. It is an honor to attend their inauguration, and I am ready to support their strong agenda in Congress," Rep. John Garamendi (D-Walnut Grove)

"This is the fourth time I've attended the inauguration of a new President, and it's always an honor to be here. President Biden pledged during his campaign - and said again today - that he would help unify the nation. I hope that he will, and I will hold him to that promise," Rep. Darrell Issa (R-San Diego).


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