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Some Businesses Given More Freedom In Sacramento Region's 2nd Stay-At-Home Order

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento region is gearing up for another stay-at-home order with many of the same closures we saw in March.

Bars and wineries must close completely and restaurants go back to only take out. But some businesses are getting a break. This time around, gyms get to stay open outdoors.

For Brandon Greathouse that means the beat goes on at his outdoor dance studio in Old Sacramento.

"We're like the last dance studio standing right now," Greathouse said. "It's definitely a blessing for us to keep running, we definitely had some hurdles to jump over."

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But a few hundred yards from his studio, the owner of Brannan Manor is back to no indoor or outdoor dining.

"At this point, it feels like March all over again," said Ricardo Sibrian. "We're still doing to-go orders. I mean we are going to do everything we can in order to stay alive, in order to pay our bills."

Last March, retail shops could only do curbside pick up. This time, they can stay open at 20 percent capacity. It's a relief to last-minute Christmas shoppers.

"I've been trying to do it online but some stuff you've just got to go to the store and see if it's the right thing," said Alyssa Abundis, a shopper.

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For some, déjà vu and doubt are sinking in.

"Like are we really getting somewhere? Or is this going to be our regular life going back and forth because at this point I'm getting dizzy," said Nailah Rimmer.

This time, people have been asked to stay home during a holiday. At Brannan Manor, Ricardo Sibrian said "at least he was ready this time."

"We have to keep the positive energy and remind my employees that this is just temporary, this is not going to be forever," he said.

Sibrian said several of his fellow restaurant owners called him on Wednesday and called it quits completely, deciding to close their businesses.

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