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All The Right Moves: Local Trainer Takes Dancing Horses On The Road

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A local horse trainer and his trio of dancing horses are about to leave on a cross-country tour to fulfill a lifelong dream.

Master horse trainer David Lichman and his three best friends -- Scotty, Thirteen and Julio -- are gearing up for a 10,000 mile, $20,000 tour. Their trip will take them north to Washington, into Toronto and eventually back to Lichman's hometown of Boston. There Lichman will fulfill a childhood dream "to play with my horses on the beach."

"I used to see horse prints there on the beach and never knew where they came from," said Lichman. "Now I'll bring my own."

In each city, the group will perform one show that will benefit local charities that use horses as therapy animals for wounded warriors, at-risk kids, and those with special needs.

"It's magical because you have three horses working together with no ropes, bridles or leads and they are responding to David," said horse trainer Jay Richardson.

The trio waves, dances, passes out roses to the crowd and -- occasionally -- acts like a couple of teenagers.

"Someone asked me if I get lonely on the road, and I said 'no, I have them with me. They're friends,' " said Lichman.

The group will make the entire trip in a horse trailer, complete with enough food and supplies to last them each leg of the trip, some medical and weather supplies, and a little bunker for the crew to sleep -- just in case.

Lichman says the trip will have them home sometime in October and once they get back to the ranch - it's time to kick their heels up, relax and eat their favorite thing - grass! Back to you."

You can see the dancing horses before they leave at this year's state fair.

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