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'8 Can't Wait': Roseville PD Says They Already Follow Most Protocols Suggested In National Campaign

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Major police reform is what's next after the death of George Floyd, and now there's a national campaign calling for changes to policing tactics.

The 8 Can't Wait campaign suggests a number of reform measures including banning chokeholds, banning shooting at moving vehicles, and requiring warnings before shootings.


The Roseville Police Department was quick to say they're already following the majority of the protocols mentioned in the campaign.

"We need to let the public know where we are already at and not paint the country and every agency with the same brush," Roseville Police Chief James Maccoun said.

Roseville PD says they already following six of the suggestions. The two they're not following are the 'require use of force continuum' and 'requires exhaust all alternatives before shooting.'

Roseville isn't the only place supporting the movement. After nearly two weeks of protests, several councilmembers in Sacramento are asking that the police department to consider these policies as well.

Maccoun says he trusts his department to continue practicing these protocols and not only stand up for the people of Roseville but also to stand up to each other.
"They're not going to stand by idly and allow somebody to violate somebody else's civil rights," Maccoun said.

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The 8 Can't Wait campaign said some are criticizing them for not going far enough and actually distracting from radical police reform. The campaign claims departments that follow these protocols could see a more than 70%  drop in violence.

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