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7 Most Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Show Moments

As we are waiting at the edge of our seats for the 50th Super Bowl, many people (sports fans or not) are looking forward to the Halftime Show. This year, the headliners will be Coldplay and Beyonce. Many headliners in the past 50 years have included a wide range of performers such as Patti LaBelle, Tony Bennett, Clint Black, Gloria Estafan and many more. While many artists are honored with this task, some are more memorable than others. Here are a few:

'Wardrobe Malfunction' Heard 'Round The World

Janet Jackson Exposed Breast at Superbowl by Thomas Ouko on YouTube

We can't even mention Super Bowl halftime memories without thinking about Janet Jackson. It all started innocently: Janet and Justin Timberlake performed 'Rock Your Body.' They were just performing and getting super close on the stage, but in all of that performance, we can only remember the last 2 seconds as Justin tore off half of Janet's top...the rest is history. We can thank these two for the most awkward 10 second delay ever. Thanks guys!

U2 Remembers 9/11 Victims

It was just a few months after the horrific attacks on September 11th. Many in the country was still trying to make sense of this tragedy and heal. U2's performance in the 2002 halftime show was more than a class act. Known to fight for peace, equality, hunger and many other causes in the world, U2 used the opportunity to remember all the victims of the attacks by having every name of those who died displayed behind them as they performed 'MLK' and 'Where The Streets Have No Name'. The peak of the performance is when front man Bono, who is an Ireland native, showed the lining of his jacket and sported the American flag. What a performance!

Paul MaCartney Performs 'Live and Let Die'

It's a performance that will still give you chills. The former Beatles band member took the halftime stage in 2005, and he performed songs from 'Hey Jude' and 'Get Back.' But it was 'Live and Let Die' that rocked the stadium.

Michael Jackson

Need we say more? When it comes to Michael Jackson, you can expect nothing less than an epic performance. He definitely set the bar for halftime shows since his 1993 performance. From the moment he 'popped' on stage to a heartwarming rendition of  'Heal the World,' and everything in between, he goes down as the best!

Aerosmith, N'SYNC, Britney Spears, Mary J Blige, and Nelly Performs "Walk This Way"

Aerosmith Walk This Way Super Bowl XXXV Halftime Show by ULTRAHORSE1408 on YouTube

The peak of this 2001 halftime show came when the state was bombarded with major talent. The legendary Aerosmith performed 'Walk This Way' with some of the biggest artists at the time.

Missy Elliott Steals The Stage

Katy Perry headlined the 2015 halftime show, but it was the surprise entrance of Missy Elliott that took everyone by surprise. She took the stage and performed her classic 'Get Your Freak On', 'Work It,' and 'Lose Control.' We can all say that we all went a little time machine when Missy took the stage.

Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars 'Give It Away'

The talented Bruno Mars performed some of his best hits during the 2014 halftime show. When you suddenly hear Bruno sing some lyrics from RHCP's 'Give It Away,' you know that it was about to go down! As you can see, the Red Hot Chili Peppers may have aged but their performance would have you thinking otherwise. For anyone who grew up with the RHCP, it brought us all back!




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