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2 Arrested In Sonora After Shooting During Cannabis Oil Deal

SONORA (CBS13) – A man arrested in Sonora is accused of firing a gunshot at a vehicle that sped away from a cannabis oil transaction, authorities said.

Brenton Heddon-Boner, 18, faces charges of shooting at an occupied vehicle, unlawful discharge of a firearm, carrying an unregistered concealed firearm, carrying a loaded firearm in public, concealing evidence, and possession of marijuana for sale.

A friend of Heddon-Boner, Nicholas Eckstein, 20, was also arrested and is accused of attempting to help Heddon-Boner hide the firearm used in the shooting.

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Sonora police said Heddon-Boner attempted to sell concentrated cannabis oil on May 29 to an individual who attempted to drive away without paying. Police say he then fired one round at the vehicle but did not strike anyone.

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Authorities said Heddon-Boner attempted to hide the gun in his home that was close by, and Eckstein saw where he hid it and attempted to hide it somewhere else within the residence to assist Heddon-Boner. Police said they were able to locate the gun at the scene.

Heddon-Boner was booked into Tuolumne County Jail on $100,000 bail.

Eckstein faced a charge of being an accessory to a crime but was released from custody due to the $0 bail order issued during the pandemic.

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