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Workers Braving The Cold In Below-Freezing Temps

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The bone-chilling temperatures Friday left many people trying to find ways to warm up. But for some, being outside is unavoidable because it's how they make a living.

Trying to stay warm with feels-like temperatures in the single digits and cooler is a tall task for manual labor workers. The long hours and non-stop work can be problematic when it comes to braving the cold.

A stretch of below-freezing temperatures keeps crews working in plenty of layers and finding heat wherever they can.

With frostbite only taking about 30 minutes to set in, normally the trick is bundling up with big jackets and gloves but that can't always be done for construction workers and crews like them, and taking time off or shutting doors for the day hurts business.

KDKA talked to Caleb, a delivery driver who says he's out every day no matter what the weather is, but even in chilling temperatures, he wears shorts. However, he admits the way he copes with the cold is a little different than others.

"If I wear pants, I get too hot," said Caleb. "I keep myself warm by moving all day so I'm constantly in and out. One thing is just wearing a hoodie and a hat at least."

These temperatures are expected to stick around for a little while. Caleb says obviously he prefers working in the summer, but he expects nothing less from western Pennsylvania.

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