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Group pays it forward by buying families' groceries and gas

Company pays it forward by buying families' groceries and gas
Company pays it forward by buying families' groceries and gas 01:53

TURTLE CREEK, Pa. (KDKA) - How would you like to have your groceries paid for or your gas tank filled for free? Especially with high inflation, it'd be nice.

Wharton Curtis LLC. is doing just that and hoping others will pay it forward.

During a time of inflation, the group is footing the bill for groceries and gas for some lucky families.

"I was really shocked. Nobody has ever paid for my groceries," said Ana Coll.

Founder Melissa Wharton said this all began when somebody paid for her food in line at Chick-fil-A and it made her question what more she could do for others.

"Dealing with inflation, high gas prices, people still trying to figure out how to live through this hopefully post-pandemic era, this is just one small way that we can pay it forward to them as well," said Wharton. 

It's not only groceries they're paying for, but the group is also giving out $50 gas cards too.

As the cashier swipes the groceries, Wharton Curtis swiped their credit card for people like Diana and Ken Johnston, who say they'll carry on the initiative.  

"Kind of humbling because we're not the ones who may need it but it was nice so if we can pay something forward then we will," the Johnstons told KDKA. 

That thought process is exactly what Wharton and other customers said they hope happens because you never know what somebody is going through.

"I hope it's contagious and other people start helping other people. That's what we need today. We need everyone to respect each other," said Coll.

"If there's someone we can give to that maybe they don't have as much as a need as somebody else, our goal would be that hopefully they pay it forward to someone else," Wharton told KDKA.

Wharton Curtis LLC. will also be taking it one step further and paying the rent or mortgage for one lucky person for the rest of the year.

Wharton says the paying it forward initiative isn't just a one-day thing. Wharton Curtis will be doing these giveaways throughout the summer. 

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