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Urban Redevelopment Authority Takes Step Forward In Plans For Lower Hill

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The Urban Redevelopment Authority has taken another step in the Lower Hill project. For hours on Wednesday, the Penguins development team presented the project to city leaders and the community.

There was no vote taken in the meeting, just a discussion on logistics.

In May 2020, the board gave the project preliminary approval after hours of discussion. This is specifically about the First National Bank Tower and the public green space next to it.

In total, these two starting points will cost roughly $234 million. The development team took the history of the Hill District into consideration when decided what this tower will look like.

Between the last presentation and this one, the CCIP Executive Management Committee filled out a survey giving an overview on if the proposal will impact the community positively.

"We asked, 'do you believe this project and its proposed benefits seek to positively impact the greater Hill District?' and all seven CCIP EMC members who filled out the scorecard responded yes. We asked, 'do you believe this project and proposed community align with the community and stakeholders?' and again CCIP EMC members who filled out the scorecard responded yes," said Julie Edwards with the Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority.

The final vote will be at the next meeting on June 10.

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