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Student Loan Debt

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - Dr. Webster Tarpley joined host Chris Moore to discuss a problem a l0t of American adults are facing, that problem is student loan debt.

Tarpley explained Elizabeth Warren's Bank on Students Bill, which offers a way to drastically cut interest on student loans.  The Bank on Students Bill's idea is to give students the same discount on interest that big Wall Street Banks get.  These discounts given to banks are from the Federal Reserve, the Bank on Students Bill's discounts will take the same route.  These discounts for student loan interest will come from the Federal Reserve which means it "doesn't cost the tax payer one cent," Dr. Tarpley explained.

Tarpley emphasized the need for America to "develop a workforce" and for that to happen "we need more kids going to college."  The Bank on Students Bill cut "student loan rate by 90 percent" which would allow more people to afford a college education.  Tarpley fears Wall Street forces will oppose this and continue to use the Federal Reserve for their own gain, instead of the Federal Reserve being used for America's gain.

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Student Loans

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