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Dog Found Emaciated, Dehydrated And Abandoned Making Miracle Recovery

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A dog in Westmoreland County found emaciated, dehydrated and abandoned is making a miracle recovery.

Three weeks ago, Spice was found by animal rescuers emaciated, dehydrated, suffering from hypothermia and abandoned on a porch.

paws across pittsburgh spice
(Photo Credit: Paws Against Pittsburgh/Facebook)

But now with some excellent veterinary care and some love, Spice is doing much better.

The non-profit and Springdale-based animal rescue Paws Across Pittsburgh is overseeing his care.

They said he was "so close to death" when brought in. He also could barely lift his head and spent five days in critical care.

"He was dehydrated, hypothermic, anemic, very limp, emaciated beyond belief, not fed and laid on somebody's porch," said Vicki Thomas from Paws Across Pittsburgh.

He was released to Thomas' Harrison City home, but he still required around-the-clock care.

(Photo Credit: Bryce Lutz/KDKA)

Soon Thomas began to see signs of improvement.

"Then he started holding his head up. Then I took it to another level with standing him. Tuesday morning, I just stood him up and he got up. He just kept going," said Thomas.

Spice is now alert and curious about his surroundings.

Vets even believe he may not lose his right eye like they originally thought.

But such extensive care comes at a high cost.

Spice's veterinary bills are over $4,000 and are expected to go up as he requires more care.

"It's going continue, too, because he has to be continued to be seen until we're over this hump," Thomas said.

Spice still has a long way to go on the road to recovery. But caretakers hope that in the future he will be adopted into a loving home

Anyone can make a donation to Paws Across Pittsburgh for Spice's recovery here.

paws across pittsburgh spice 2
(Photo Credit: Paws Against Pittsburgh/Facebook)
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