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South Allegheny High School Student Cut By Classmate With 'Cutting Instrument'

LIBERTY BOROUGH (KDKA) - The South Allegheny School District informed parents about an incident involving a "cutting instrument" at the high school on Thursday.

South Allegheny School District Superintendent Lisa Duval sent a letter to parents that said, "earlier today we were notified that a student had brought a small cutting instrument into the school. The instrument was less than an inch in size." She also wrote, "A student did receive a small superficial cut as a result of experimenting with the instrument, and immediately went into the office to report it, which is exactly what we want our children to do."

Liberty Borough police responded to the school, took a report and are looking into the incident. They said charges are pending, but they wouldn't say for whom or for what.

There was a lot of chatter on social media about the incident. Some students and parents are saying it was a violent incident, but Duval said it was blown out of proportion, and rumors that there was an act of violence are not true. She said there was no violent intent between the two students.

One parent and student said they feel like there's more to the story.

"I heard that somebody was stabbed at least an inch deep in their hand. And that like it was a weapon that was brought into school, not checked, not anything like that. It's just crazy, absolutely insane to think about," the student said. "I experienced a lot of rumors, and I think the school has been very shady about everything. There was even an announcement saying that we should stop telling people information about everything outside of school and stop posting things."

They are concerns also about how the "cutting instrument" got inside the school since there are security measures in place at the high school.

"That makes me feel scared because say that person meant no harm and it got in the hands of somebody that did, it could have gone completely south," the student said.

The superintendent said she could not share what type of disciplinary action will be taken.

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