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Seward Police Chief Accused Of Asking For Sexual Favors From Women He Pulled Over

SEWARD, Pa. (KDKA) - According to troopers, Seward Police Chief Robert Baldwin Jr. made it simple to his alleged victims: perform sex acts and do what he says, and he'll get them out of trouble.

State police say one-time Chief of Seward Borough Robert Baldwin Jr. violated the law and his oath to protect and serve.

"As a police officer, it's one of those things you hate talking about because it's disgusting," said Trooper Steve Limani.

Baldwin, 49, is accused of having female victims' perform sexual acts on him to get out of tickets and other legal issues on at least two occasions.

"His M.O. was to generally meet them through a traffic stop," said Limani.

One alleged incident began at a stop sign on Fifth Street in Seward. Troopers say Baldiwn told the victim she ran the intersection but she had to follow him at an out-of-the-way underpass in the borough to discuss her violation.

"We're not going to take you to a secluded area and then ask for your cell phone number and then start engaging you back and forth and questioning especially when it comes to any type of sexual activity."

The victim told police she had sex with Baldwin, fearing failure to do so would result in her getting into bigger trouble.

Another incident involved Baldwin allegedly pulling over another young woman, telling her she'd have to "work off" alleged drug charges and on one occasion, forced a kiss on the victim.

"That's a crime in and of itself. That's not something that's accepted -- allowed. That's against the law," said Limani.

KDKA stopped by Baldwin's home Tuesday to get his side of the story. No one answered the door.

Baldwin faces multiple counts of official oppression and obstruction of justice.

"Our concern is that there may be other people that he interacted with," said Limani.

Steward's mayor telling KDKA that Baldwin was on leave but has since resigned his post as chief of police there. He faces a preliminary hearing in December.

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