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Residents At Parkside Manor In Brookline Say They Have No Air Conditioning

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Outside Parkside Manor in Brookline, residents are gathering.

"We need help, we have people on oxygen here, heart conditions, that are having a hard time breathing," said Paulette Zaleski, who lives at Parkside Manor.

This group told KDKA it's cooler outside than inside.

Parkside Manor
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"Our thermostats are up to 90 degrees now and we have a hot week," Zaleski said.

This eight-floor building filled with over 80 senior citizens is without air conditioning with no end in sight, according to the residents.

"Can't sleep at night, just overwhelming. You get out of the shower and before you even dry off, you are just well, it's just awful," said resident Rosemarie Sapsara.

The residents told KDKA they are tired of being told it's being fixed.

"They just feel like you are a complainer all the time. We are seniors, but we aren't stupid," said Beverly Piacquadio.

KDKA reached out to the ownership company National Church Residences for answers. A spokesperson told KDKA the air conditioner was just replaced two years ago but started acting up this summer with high heat.

That spokesperson went on to say that supply chain issues have caused a backup for the needed part, but hope to have it here and replaced by Monday.

The company provided KDKA with a statement:

"During this challenging situation, our staff is doing everything they can to ensure the safety of our residents at Parkside Manor and provide them with the support they may need at this time. Currently, all of our residents are safe and staff members have been checking on their well-being. We will continue to make this our top priority and keep our residents informed of the repair status until this issue with the chiller is resolved. In the meantime, we want to thank our residents for their patience."

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