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PTL Links: Dec. 20, 2018

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Chef Bill Fuller's Tips To Simply Season A Cast Iron Skillet:

  1. Wash skillet(s) with mild soapy water and dry. (Some people rub with salt.) You just want to remove dirt chunks.
  2. Heat until smoking.
  3. Add generous portion of neutral oil - veg, peanut, etc. lard is fine too. Or bacon fat. But not olive oil - too many flavors.
  4. Swirl oil across skillet. Wipes some up onto sides.
  5. LEAVE THE OIL IN THE SKILLET. DON'T LET IT BE OIL-FREE. If you aren't cooking anything at this point, just leave it sit until you need it.
  6. Heat, add a pat of butter, fry an egg.
  7. Flip said egg.
  8. When done cooking re-oil.
  9. If things stick a little at times, heat and apply oil.
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