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President Donald Trump Holds Rally In Moon Township

MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) - Tuesday was President Donald Trump's fourth trip to Pennsylvania in September.

Mr. Trump spoke about jobs, the economy, and saving jobs in the commonwealth. He also said he wants to make America a great manufacturing superpower, ending reliance on China.

Thousands gathered at the hangar in Moon Township to hear from President Trump.

He spoke about plans to finish building a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border as well as debuting a healthcare plan.

President Trump also told the crowd that with their help, they would make America wealthy again and he spoke specifically about fracking.

"I"m not the candidate who banned fracking," President Trump said to the crowd. "I'm all for fracking, it's a big part of your economy. Your steel mills would, every one of them would have been gone had I not won. I've done everything I said and more, done more than I said. I'll keep your jobs where they belong, you'll be doing fracking for a long time."

He also used the rally and speech to criticize his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. He made fun of Biden for wearing a mask and having socially distant crowds at his campaign rallies.

Mr. Trump said he intends to win Pennsylvania once again, as he did in the 2016 election.

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