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Police Showing Support For Injured Officer

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A police officer remains in the hospital after being shot multiple times in Homewood Thursday morning.

Support was one thing Officer Morgan Jenkins was not without at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.

"They're all standing by one another's side, supportive at this time and I think we all need to be supportive of them." Michael Huss said. "It's a very honorable profession and they need to be complemented for the job they do every day for us."

Police showed up in great numbers to be by his side as Officer Jenkins underwent surgery. He was shot once in the shoulder. Another bullet got his bullet proof vest, which some feared initially could result in paralysis.

Doctors were able to remove bullet fragments that came close to his spine.

"The thoughts of the city and the Public Safety Department are with the officers and their families today. I think we're very fortunate that this situation wasn't worse than what it was," Huss said "The officers are getting the best medical treatment that can be provided and it just goes to show you the dangers they face," Huss said.

Sharing the same hospital is alleged gunman James Robert Hill, who was also shot multiple times.

His family was removed from the hospital.

Hill's mother, who's been estranged from her son for a year, just wanted to know if her son would survive.

"Any mother that sees her son rushed to the hospital is going to want to be there right beside him the whole time. But, I'm sure there's a mother for the police officer that's wondering the same thing too. How's my son going to pull out of this thing, how's it going to pan out what kind of injuries will he sustain, are they going to be life threatening, is he going to be able to fuction again in the capcity whichhe had functioned before,"

Doctors believe Officer Jenkins, an eight-year vet should make a good recovery with those fragments removed. However, it's a wait and see situation

His partner, Officer Michele Augie a 13-year veteran suffered a broken finger and was treated and released.

Hill is also expected to survive his injuries.


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