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Pittsburgh Weather: Isolated, scattered showers to continue

KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (8/16)
KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (8/16) 03:28

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The wet weather and cooler temperatures haven't left us just yet.


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  • Daily average High: 82   Low: 62
  • Sunrise: 6:33 Sunset: 8:17

Today: Scattered rain is expected through the day with peak rain chances occurring this afternoon.

Any Alert Days Ahead?: Nope.

Aware: We need rain. We need to be keeping a close eye on the US Drought Monitor maps that are released each week on Thursday.

We continue to see an unsettled pattern when it comes to rain in place both today and also expect this pattern to remain through Wednesday. While we could see some isolated spots that see more than an inch of rain (we already actually have seen some spots seeing more than an inch), most places will see less than a fifth of an inch of rain from start to finish. The Pittsburgh airport didn't see a drop of rain yesterday but many saw measurable rain. Today will be similar to that.

KDKA Weather Center

Highs today will be in the mid to low 70s with the timing of the rain having an impact on how warm we get. Morning lows will be near 60. I have noon temperatures in the upper 60s with winds coming in out of the northeast at 5-10mph.

Looking ahead, I have highs back in the 80s on Thursday with it dry after rain wraps up before sunrise. Friday will also see highs in the 80s.  Humidity levels should be low on both Thursday and Friday.  Humidity levels tick up to moderate to low on Saturday with stormy conditions for the afternoon. Widespread rain is expected on Sunday and Monday with temperatures not as warm on Monday.

Your 7-day forecast, as of August 16, 2022. KDKA Weather Center
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