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Summer 2020 In Review: Pittsburgh Area Reached Or Exceeded 90 Degrees 17 Days This Year

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- As we bid adieu to August and welcome the month of September, we also start what's called "meteorological fall," which includes September, October and November.

These are the months most of us normally think of as fall; although, "astronomical fall" doesn't officially start until the equinox a few weeks from now. The astronomical seasons are based on solstices and equinoxes, while the meteorological seasons follow annual temperature cycles.

September is one of KDKA Meteorologist Kristin Emery's favorite months weatherwise here in Southwestern Pennsylvania with plenty of sunshine and dry days, but also a bit cooler temperatures and lower humidity.

So as we turn the page into September, let's take a look back on what was an interesting past few summer months in the Pittsburgh area.

June wound up warmer and drier than normal with temperatures averaging 1.3 degrees above average and rainfall two inches below normal. July was also warm with temperatures averaging 4.7 degrees above normal and precipitation ending 0.73 below normal. August ended up 1.7 degrees warmer than average and a whopping 2.09 inches above normal precipitation.

What's interesting is how dry August was with our rainfall mostly coming in the first few days, and then the last few days of the month with dry weeks in between. In fact, we picked up almost four inches of that total in heavy downpours just last Thursday/Friday alone.

As for heat, yes, it's been hot! Pittsburgh has reached or exceeded 90 degrees 17 days this year - all since June - and our average each year is more around nine days.

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