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New Service Lets You Watch Your Home While Away

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- You've heard of a smart phone, but what about a smart home?

Thanks to new technology, homeowners are now able to do things like watch the kids get home from school, change the thermostat, and turn on lights while at work or out of town.

Randy Tecza not only gets his cable from his employer, Comcast, but he now gets a home security system too.

Comcast has rolled out what it calls Xfinity Home and customers like Tecza can now keep tabs on their homes over the internet.

"Turning on the lights, the thermostat, looking at the camera, getting texts when the kids are coming in or out of the house," he said.

There's a base unit in the kitchen that controls everything.

But using a smartphone or a computer, customers can remotely change camera settings, arm or disarm the alarm. Randy used his iPad to switch on the lights. He can even change the temperature in the house.

"I was in State College for business and a storm was coming through and I looked and saw on the camera bikes outside so I called my wife and said, 'Dana you gotta get the bikes in,'" he said.

The home security systems from Comcast range in price from $29 a month to $49 a month plus installation of about $200. Comcast calls it a smart home at an affordable price.

"It's completely customizable for our customers," Bob Grove, a Comcast spokesman said. "In other words, you can have one camera, three cameras, you can have 6 cameras."

And you can have as many motion sensors as you want.

The security system is monitored and police will be called if there's something suspicious. For Randy Tecza and his family, it's the ultimate tool for peace of mind home and away.

"It's not just a security system. It's home automation you can pretty much do everything at your fingertips," he said.

And if you are worried about Big Brother watching or someone getting access to the cameras or controls in your home, Comcast says the system is secure and all of the wireless data is encrypted.

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