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Mt. Washington Parking Space Assessed At Nearly $300,000

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A lot of city property owners are outraged over their reassessments, but one man says his beats them all.

The value of his 18-by-10-foot parking space on Mt. Washington jumped from $5,000 to more than $287,000.

That's even more than his condo.

Richard Milesky, Jr., the proud owner of the underground parking space, says that until this week, the space was valued at $5,000.

"I think its prima fascia evidence that there's been no attention to detail," he said.

The parking space, assessed at nearly $300,000, is attached to his condo with an amazing view of downtown Pittsburgh just upstairs. The newly assessed value of his condo is less than $230,000.

Griffin: "So this gorgeous view and the apartment that goes with it is assessed at less than $300,000?"

Milesky: "It is."

Griffin: "And the dank, dark, parking space downstairs with the cracks in it is assessed at what?"

Milesky: "$289,800."

Griffin: "When you saw that number, how did you react?"

Milesky: "Well, you had to laugh a little bit because I thought it was a mistake, but then I realized how serious it was."

Chuckling no more, Milesky realizes he must now fight a legal fight to have this parking space re-assessed to a value he calls reasonable.

"It's time, effort, it's money, you're gonna have to hire a lawyer and for what?" he said. "Clearly on its face, it should have been recognized that this wasn't worth $300,000."

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