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Previously Missing, Endangered 7-Week-Old Ambrose Klingensmith Found Safe

MARSHALL COUNTY, Tenn. (KDKA) -- Missing 7-week-old Ambrose Klingensmith was found Tuesday after going missing for nearly a week.

According to police, 7-week-old Ambrose Klingensmith was at Children's Hospital last Thursday when doctors observed stomach injuries and fingermark bruising consistent with abuse. They say the parents took the child before doctors could finish their evaluation.

ambrose klingensmith found
(Photo Credit: West Mifflin Police)

It was believed the boy's parents, Jeannette Funnen, 32, and Daemon Klingensmith, 23, took the child on Sept. 26 and were driving to Florida.

(Source: Marshall County Sheriff's Office - Tennessee)

The missing child, along with another child in the car at the time, were found in Marshall County, Tennessee, after the Lewisburg Police Department acted on information received during the investigation.

The two adults are in custody in a detention center, awaiting extradition. They are facing charges, including obstruction, retaliation and child endangerment.

The two children were taken to the hospital.

The West Mifflin Police said Ambrose will remain in the care of the local Tennessee child welfare authorities until the Allegheny County Child, Youth and Families can take custody of him.

When the child went missing, West Mifflin Police say the car was last seen on cameras heading south on Washington Road in Peters Township.


Police were also able to get a background history on Funnen. They found out she attempted suicide during two pregnancies.

They also learned two other children have been removed from her care and custody.

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