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Pennsylvania Republican Delegates Say RNC Has Been 'Wonderful' And 'Very Positive' So Far

PITTSBURGH (KDKA -- Like the Democrats, most of the Republican delegates from Pennsylvania are stuck at home watching their convention virtually.

But that hasn't dampened their enthusiasm, especially when this region gets mentioned.

"I am binge-watching the convention," said Rose Tennent, a 14th District GOP delegate. "It is so compelling, can't stop watching. Last night was fabulous."

Local delegates say the convention has been going very well for Republicans.

"It's been wonderful, very uplifting, very positive," Tennent said.

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And they are thrilled when a speaker, like Eric Trump, mentions Pittsburgh.

"The silent majority had no one fighting for them in either party. Their so-called leaders were bowing to China, bribing Iran and spending more time on how they would be received by the elites in Paris than how Americans would provide for their families in Pittsburgh," the president's son said on Tuesday.

"I thought it was great," said sue Means, an 18th District GOP alternate delegate. "We're on national news. We're making the convention. Pittsburgh is in the president's sights."

But former Republican congressman Jim Greenwood, one of several former Pennsylvania GOP congressmen who support Joe Biden, warns against being taken in by President Donald Trump.

"It's his character that I cannot abide," said Greenwood. "He is not authentic. He is not honest. He is not scrupulous. He is, as Romney himself said, a con man."

But another delegate, former Republican congressman Keith Rothfus, dismisses that.

"Take a look at the commitments Donald Trump made when he was running for president," Rothfus said. "He has followed through on every one of those commitments – renegotiating trade deals, tax reform, regulatory reform, conservative justices on the court – issue after issue, he made commitments. He kept those commitments."

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