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Local Animal Shelters File Charges Against Triangle Pet

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) --- Two officials associated with "Triangle Pet" are now facing charges in one dog's death.

Animal Friends, Animal Rescue League and the Western PA Humane Society are experiencing an overflow of dogs after the animal control agency, "Triangle Pet," was shut down one week ago.

Now, these shelters in our area are desperately calling for those interested in adopting a pet.

"We have animals in offices, we have animals in our garage. We have animals everywhere," says Erica Daniels of the Animal Rescue League.

The dog overflow problem started at Triangle Pet Control in McKees Rocks. The facilities' owner was accused of cooking the books, lying about the number of dogs euthanized, and overcharging the state.

The facility was cited by the Humane Society for the mistreatment of dogs, as well.

"We're speaking for the animals who can't speak for themselves," says Human Society Police Officer Ronald Smith. "Somebody has to be their voice."

Nearly 30 dogs from Triangle Pet have now been dispersed between three different shelters in the area. Animal Rescue League, in fact, has only three empty cages.

"Any dog over the age of 2 years can be adopted for just $30," says Gretchen Fieser of the Humane Society. "It has put us in a bind because we have so many animals."

An abundance of animals is a very typical situation because all the cages are full. It gets to a point where shelters are telling people not to bring their dogs in.

Triangle Pet faces charges including failure to provide veterinary care.

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