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Indiana University Of Pennsylvania Student Caught Using Racial Slurs On Snapchat, Causing Controversy

INDIANA, Pa. (KDKA) -- A video of an Indiana University of Pennsylvania student has been seen and heard by thousands of social media.

For reasons unknown, he went on a racist rant using hate speech against African-American students, using a variety of racial slurs and even threatening violence.

"I know I join the IUP community in that we all have no desire to condone or endorse acts of discrimination and sounds of harmony that speak to racism and discrimination," said Dr. Thomas Segar, IUP's Vice President of Student Affairs.

Dr. Segar said its time for those in the student body who favor inclusion to be heard.

"For every voice, every single voice, that exposes these messages, there's an entire course of voices that want to be heard and that want to speak out against these kinds of incidents," he said.

The video has sparked a petition with more than a thousand signatures that has been circulated online calling for the student who made the remarks to be expelled from the university.

"I think any college campus, just like IUP, has a student code of conduct and we have policies that guide our actions, those certainly take precedence over any petition," said Dr. Segar.

Meanwhile, KDKA reached out to the student via email.

"I was not in my right mind," he said in an email. "That is not how I feel at all towards other races. I love everyone and hope people can understand that wasn't the real me in the that video. I was extremely intoxicated and possibly roofied. I know it's no excuse, but that's the only justifiable reason I have for saying what I did."

Dr. Segar is hoping this is a lesson and a learning moment for the student.

"I would hope that he will reflect on his words and understand the harm his words have caused his fellow students," he added.

On Tuesday, the entire student body is invited to a meeting with faculty and administration. Dr. Segar says they want to hear what students want and empower them to speak out.

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