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Ghosts Of Pittsburgh: Cathedral Of Learning

With one week to go until Halloween, we're looking into some of the ghosts that may inhabit Pittsburgh's landmarks.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The Cathedral of Learning is a centerpiece of the campus of the University of Pittsburgh.

However, one woman claims there is some paranormal activity happening on the third floor.

Maxine Bruhns knows all about the haunted Early American Nationality Room.

"The quilt was messed up and so I smoothed it out, put it under the pillows, turned around to go under the rope and heard a swish. I looked back and the quilt had been turned down and there was a dent in the pillow," Bruhns said.

She's convinced the ghost is her grandmother. She said her grandmother is there because the wedding quilt she made more than 120 years ago adorns the bed.

"Grandma came to live with us. I gave her my bedroom, I gave her my bed, and we became best friends," she said.

Bruhns said her grandmother visits frequently. She remembers one instance while sleeping on the floor near the bed.

"I am going to stay here and see if she will come and visit me," she said.

Access to the room is through a slit of a doorway, around the corner and up creaky narrow stairs. The barely passable steps are apparently are no problem for grandma.

"A swish happened above my head and then another swish and then suddenly – bang. Right by my head, something hit and I just stiffened. What's going to happen next? I did not know," Bruhns said.

She whirled around to see what made the noise.

"It turned out my shoulder bag, after an hour and a half, had decided to screech off the chair and hit the floor, and it had my water bottle in it. And that, I just got up and I said 'Grandma, you can have this damn room,' and I went home," she said.

Every Halloween she gathers with 20 or 25 others to sit in the room and tell stories. She's not at all surprised to have grandma join them.

"Suddenly, the cradle rocked just three times," she said. "That was it."

She knows it didn't move because someone bumped it.

"This is what happens when I touch it. It goes 14 times. Only grandma can make it rock three times," she said.

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