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Get Marty: Giant Water Slide Event Turns Into Nightmare For Some

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A recent water slide event called 'Slide the City' had a record number of people reaching out to KDKA and Get Marty with complaints.

The massive water slide event took place in South Park a few weeks ago.

The two-day event drew more than 9,000 people to South Park.

Folks complained about four-hour long lines for one ride on the 1,000-foot slide. Some people complained about high speeds and injuries.

"It was awful," says Chris Katz.

Katz says he slammed against the side of the slide and severely sprained his ankle.

"I am still wearing an air cast. I missed a week of work," says Katz.

"I've re-named it 'Torture the City' instead of 'Slide the City,'" says Harry Psaros.

Psaros spent $200 on tickets for the event and says he waited in line with his kids for over three hours for one ride.

"It was a nightmare, a total nightmare," says Psaros.

KDKA Marty Griffin reached out to 'Slide the City' co-owner Ryan Johnson. He stepped up big time.

"There were too many people there. Honestly, we sold too many tickets," says Johnson.

Johnson also admits the Pittsburgh slide was too steep and says they didn't have enough employees to control the massive crowds.

"We made some mistakes in Pittsburgh. We feel awful about those mistakes," says Johnson.

'Slide the City' owner promise a full refund to folks who had problems.

"We want to take care of people. We want to make this right," says Johnson.

Anyone who wants a refund needs to email 'Slide the City' at It will help if you mention Ryan Johnson and KDKA'S Marty Griffin.

If you'd like Marty to help you solve your problem, email him at

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