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Eric Trump Addresses Supporters At Campaign Event In Beaver County

AMBRIDGE, Pa. (KDKA) -- President Donald Trump's son, Eric, visited Beaver County on Thursday.

There are less than two weeks until Election Day. During this time, both presidential campaigns have been making their final efforts to appeal to voters in Pennsylvania.

Eric Trump made a campaign stop in Ambridge and addressed nearly 100 supporters inside of Munroe Inc., which is a Beaver County manufacturing plant.

The rally began with a praise session from congressional candidate Sean Parnell. He spoke of President Trump's accomplishments and said "It is our turn to fight for the president of the United States in 2020."

eric trump
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Eric Trump showed mutual support for Parnell, saying, "We need to kick Nancy Pelosi out of Washington, D.C. and we need a hell of a lot more Seans."

The rally focused heavily on industry in Pennsylvania.

"Literally, the owner as I came in here today and the workers, this company would have been gone. This company would have been gone if it wasn't for the tariffs my father put on China, my father put on steel," Eric Trump told KDKA.

Eric Trump also touted his father's economic contributions and said "My father built the greatest economy in the world. Lowest unemployment, lowest African American unemployment."

The president's son did not hold back from swinging at former Vice President Joe Biden.

"They want to get rid of faith in this country. They want to ban oil, gas, fracking, everything. They're totally anti-police," Eric Trump said.

Biden has denied these allegations, however.

Thursday's rally happened as President Trump prepared for the final presidential debate. He is expected to apply pressure about Biden's son, Hunter.

"I think Joe Biden has a lot of questions to answer after those emails came out. Pretty damaging stuff, where his son is asking for $10 million for the big guy," said Eric Trump.

When asked if he was nervous about Joe Biden leading the polls in Pennsylvania, Eric Trump said no and referenced Hillary Clinton's lead in 2016.

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