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Ed Sheeran x Heinz: Ed Sheeran Launches Collaboration With Heinz Ketchup

(CNN) -- Ed Sheeran found a love for him and he'd like for his fellow ketchup lovers to dive right in and follow his lead.

The "Shape of You" singer on Wednesday unveiled an ad campaign with Heinz Ketchup that combines his well-documented love of the condiment and his penchant for cheeky humor.

The partnership is actually less out of left field than some might think.

Sheeran is a longtime fan of Heinz and even has a tattoo of the company's logo on his arm.

Heinz said one-third of its Instagram activity -- including mentions and tags -- is related to Sheeran and his love of the ketchup.

The brand said they will be offering a special edition ketchup bottle -- called "EdChup" -- as part of the campaign. (They're available online while supplies last.)

"It's actually real and you'll be able to get your hands on one very soon," Sheeran wrote on Instagram to announce the collaboration.

June 5 is National Ketchup Day. So you could say the timing for the ad roll-out was, well, perfect.

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