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Duquesne Police Find Mannequin Staged To Look Like Murder Of Teen Girl

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

DUQUESNE, Pa. (KDKA) - It turns out a crime scene in Duquesne wasn't a crime at all.

Police say utility workers discovered what appeared to be a body over a steep hillside at the Duquesne Place Drive Apartment Complex around 7:30 Friday morning.

duquesne mannequin body
(Photo: KDKA Photojournalist Aaron Sledge)

A section of the fence was removed, and investigators saw what appeared to be the body of a teenage girl over the hill. Detectives were lowered on ropes and found the body had a plastic bag over the head and the hands were tied behind the back with rope.

But when they brought it up over the hill, officers realized it was a "life-like" mannequin staged to mimic a homicide.

"Although this hoax was a waste of resources, I am thankful that this was not the senseless murder of a child," police wrote on Facebook.

It's unclear if anyone will be facing charges.

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