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DEA: Beware Of Drug-Laced Candy This Halloween

ST. LOUIS (CBS Local) -- The Drug Enforcement Administration is warning first responders and parents to be on the lookout for candy laced with marijuana and methamphetamine this Halloween.

The DEA St. Louis Division says there has been no specific threat, but the country has seen an increase of seizures of drug-laced edibles, including chocolates, suckers and gummies.

Packaging for the fake candy often looks nearly identical to the real thing, with similar logos and names. Last year, the DEA found marijuana-laced candies sold in packages labeled Munchy Way, 3 Rastateers, Buddahfinger, Twixed, Keef Kat and Rasta Reese's, among others.

Otherwise, signs of marijuana or meth-laced candy include unusual wrapping, appearance, unusual colors, odd smell, misspelled candy labels, candy or food that is unwrapped or unmarked.

"Marijuana-laced or Methamphetamine-laced candies can go undetected, but have harmful effects on our children if ingested," warned Special Agent in Charge William J. Callahan. "Halloween is a time for kids to be kids and have fun with family and friends. We don't want anyone falling prey to an avoidable tragedy. Please check your candy closely."

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