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After Defying Health Department, Crack'd Egg Follows Judge's Ruling And Closes

BRENTWOOD, Pa. (KDKA) - A Brentwood restaurant that defied a health department order to shut down has finally closed its doors. It comes after an Allegheny County judge ruled that it must follow COVID-19 restrictions or close.

But the defiant owner of the Crack'd Egg says she'll appeal.

No masks, no social distancing required at the Crack'd Egg. The health department ordered them closed, but they refused. The Crack'd Egg finally listened to a judge.

"We're not backing down. We're going to keep up the good fight," said owner Kimberly Waigand.

Waigand says no one will ever wear a mask in her restaurant. But she's listening to a judge. Waigand said she'll remain closed pending appeal.

"We're staying in the fight. It is not over. Ok? It's for God and country. It is not over by a long shot," she said.


She implied she can't get a fair ruling from a county judge.

"It's Allegheny County. So, it's whatever. It is completely against the constitution. Absolutely! That's why we need to go to a higher court," she said.

Waigand disputes warnings from health experts. She says masks don't make a difference.

"They think a mask is going to protect them? They think a mask is going to protect them, they're wrong," she said. "We have been doing this since March without masks. Cross contaminating. No COVID cases have been linked back to the Crack'd Egg."

Her lawyer says they will file for a stay, asking that the restaurant be allowed to re-open pending appeal. Meantime, the Crack'd Egg website has raised about $5,000 for its legal defense fund.

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