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Church Bingo Game Robbed In Braddock Hills

BRADDOCK HILLS (KDKA) --A masked man with a gun barged into bingo at Sacred Heart Church in the Good Shepherd Parish in Braddock Hills Tuesday night.

The robber demanded money and wound up grabbing about $300 out of a cash drawer before taking off.

People waiting to play bingo down the hall heard a commotion, but never actually saw the robber.

As soon as Rev. Thomas Burke discovered what had happened, he ran outside and asked a parishioner to drive down the hill to follow the robber.

Then, Rev. Burke got out of the car and he and another man chased the robber into the woods, but the suspect eventually got away.

Father Burke says he probably wouldn't chase an armed robber down again, but he said adrenaline was pumping because someone had stolen from the church.

Parishioners are glad no one, including Father Burke, was hurt. One woman said she was worried when Father Burke chased after the man because she said, "We need him bad."

Three hundred dollars means a lot to the church. The money raised from bingo benefits the school.

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