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Chelsea's DIY Holiday Series: Neck Tie Wreath

This holiday season, Chelsea from Pittsburgh's CW Green Team will be showing you how to make holiday decorations and gifts with item found at Good Will!

In this first video of the series, Chelsea will show you how to make a one-of-a-kind wreath from neck ties found at Good Will.

Materials you will need include:

  • A base wreath
    • You can find these at local craft supply stores -- hay works best!
  • Clothing pins
    • Get the multi-color set to coordinate with the ties!
  • Neck ties from Good Will

The number of ties you'll need, depends on the size of your wreath. Here, Chelsea used a 14'' wreath and used 16 neck ties.

The first step is to plan out the wreath by laying out the base and top layer of ties. You want to make sure ties of the same color or with similar patterns, don't end up next to each other. Take pictures of your layout to reference throughout the process.

Next, you are going to wrap each tie from the base layer around the wreath and pin it in place. If the tie doesn't end up in the right position, just rotate it around until the end flares out.

Once you have the base layer completed, repeat the process with the top layer and you're all set!

This idea can be used with other holiday ties, or ties the colors of your favorite sports teams, to decorate your door all year long!

Stay tuned - in the next video, Chelsea will show you how to make a pillow from t-shirts found at Good Will.

Searching for the perfect gift for your crafty friends? Buy them a $25 gift card to Good Will this December and get a $5 gift card for yourself for FREE!

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