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Art Rooney II On Hosting Future Super Bowl: Why Not Us?

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) –While the odds of Pittsburgh ever hosting a Super Bowl may seem slim, at least one person would like to see it happen.

There is a long list of requirements a city has to meet in order to host the NFL's biggest event.

Steelers President Art Rooney II spoke exclusively with NewsRadio 1020 KDKA's Barbara Boylan and said he doesn't think Pittsburgh hosting a Super Bowl is that far-fetched.

"Well, I think my attitude toward it is why not? I think that we have some work to do, but I would say that I wouldn't want us to say we can't do that. I think our city, with a few more amenities in place - like a couple more hotels probably and we'd have to find a second practice facility for the second team - things like that. But, really, I don't think that we're far away from it at all. I just think it would be a great thing for the city and something that we should strive for," Rooney said.

Pittsburgh has already played host to some bigger sporting events, including the NHL's Winter Classic and the MLB All-Star Game. Rooney believes pursuing more events like that would strengthen the city's case for a future Super Bowl.

"I think that perhaps near-term, we should focus on trying to attract some other kinds of events as a lead up to it. We attempted to attract the Army-Navy game here a few years ago. So, something like that would be a great way to sort of warm up for the event, if you will. We'd like to host another Winter Classic someday. I know that the Pirates have always tried to pursue the [MLB] All-Star Game, which is a big event," Rooney said.

One of the big knocks against Pittsburgh getting a Super Bowl is the lack of a domed stadium in a northern climate. But, last year's Super Bowl was held in New York and Rooney thinks the door remains open for northern cities in the future.

"There's no doubt the number of times it's going to be outdoors in a northern cities is going to still be limited. But, last year was the test case in New York and it went pretty well. I think it opened the door. I don't think you're going to see it every other year or anything like that, but I think it'll happen again in the future. That's why I say why not at least have ourselves ready to pursue it when that opportunity comes at some point," Rooney said.

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