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Pittsburgh International Airport Taking Additional Steps To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Pittsburgh International Airport is stepping up its efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19.

When flyers come to Pittsburgh International Airport, they'll notice cleaner common areas and a lot of hand sanitizer.

"I don't want to touch things," said one traveler, Ariette Bhatta who was heading to Miami for spring break. "I am buying some gloves and stuff now because I'm a germaphobe."

Bhatta is suiting up and so is the airport.

Representatives say 30 brand new hand sanitizer stations are being added to the terminals and its deep cleaning routines have been boosted.

Surfaces everyone touches like escalators, handrails, kiosks, and public tables are being cleaned multiple times per day with hospital-grade sanitizer.

Cleaning staff are now required to wear goggles and gloves while working.

Uber driver Nick Lane drives passengers to and from the airport and even he is kicking up cleaning efforts.

"I've got to break out the wet wipes a little more," he said. "Wipe off all the touched surfaces. It's definitely scarier not knowing who is stepping in your car if they're infected or not."

If for some reason Uber drivers become infected, the company who previously offered no benefits announced today they would be given 14 days of paid sick leave.

"You gotta pay off the car somehow," said Lane.

The CDC says there are only 11 airports in the nation who are conducting health screenings for coronavirus and Pittsburgh International Airport is not one of them.

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