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A heat advisory has been issued for most of the Pittsburgh area. Here are some ways to try and stay cool.

Heat advisory issued for most of Pittsburgh area
Heat advisory issued for most of Pittsburgh area 02:24

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A heat advisory has been issued for most of the Pittsburgh area with temperatures expected to soar into the mid-to-high 90s this afternoon. 

The advisory will be in place from 12 p.m. through 8 p.m. and includes most of the Pittsburgh area, including Allegheny, Beaver, Greene, Washington, and Westmoreland counties.

Heat index temperatures are expected to be higher than 100 degrees.

When temperatures are this high, heat and humidity can cause heat illnesses. 

Some things you can do to avoid the heat and avoid illnesses include staying in air-conditioned rooms, drinking plenty of fluids, and staying out of the sun. 

It's also recommended to check in on relatives and neighbors. 

Summer camps try to beat the heat

Many kids are at summer camps this time of year, so what is done to keep them safe? 

"I've been here for 25 years and this has definitely been the hottest year we've experienced," Camp Guyasuta ranger Mike Daniher said.

Tuesday added to the heat for the 250 campers at Camp Guyasuta in O'Hara Township. Staying hydrated is a top priority for just about any summer camp. It's one of the first signs for anyone impacted by a heat-related illness.

"We do mandatory before and after each activity water breaks and throughout the camp we have water bottle filling stations," Daniher said.

"We keep telling them you have to keep hydrated, you have to keep drinking and drinking," Joyce Patterson of Blue Ribbon Farms said.

Campers at Blue Ribbon Farms in Beaver County also to do their best to keep cool while out with the animals and plants, ideally in the shade.

"We try not to have them out in the sun for long periods of time," Patterson said just before kids went for a cool swim in the nearby creek.

Pittsburgh summer camps trying to keep kids cool 01:31

Medical experts like AHN's Dr. Brent Rau said repeated days of heat can wear you down.

"It does build on itself and make you more prone to symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke," Dr. Rau said.

As for getting acclimated to this weather, that can take years.  

"There's only so much acclimation your body can do because at the end of the day, our bodies are not supposed to be subjected to continuous days after days after days of being beaten down by the sun and the heat," Dr. Rau said over Zoom.

This is the weather where Dr. Rau said it is always best to listen to your body. If you need to relax, get out of the heat and rest. If you feel bigger problems coming on, get to a hospital.  

Pools in Pittsburgh open

In the city of Pittsburgh, there are 14 pools that will be open, but the Highland Park pool will not be open. 

Due to mechanical issues, the pool is closed until further notice. 

City officials say the issues are being addressed, but did not give a timeframe on when the pool may reopen. 

Cooling centers open today

In addition to the 15 pools open in the city, there are six Healthy Active Living Centers that will open as cooling centers from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

CitiParks and the City of Pittsburgh typically activate the cooling centers when high temperatures are expected to be above 90 degrees.

Beechview Healthy Active Living Community Center 

1555 Broadway Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA 15216 

Brighton Heights Healthy Active Living Community Center 

3515 McClure Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA  15212 

Greenfield Healthy Active Living Community Center 

745 Greenfield Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA  15217 

Homewood Healthy Active Living Community Center 

7321 Frankstown Road  - Pittsburgh, PA  15208 

Sheraden Healthy Active Living Community Center 

720 Sherwood Avenue  - Pittsburgh, PA  15204 

South Side Healthy Active Living Community Center 

12th & Bingham Streets  - Pittsburgh, PA  15203 

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