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4-Year-Old Girl Ejected From Out-Of-Control Truck In Washington Co.

WEST ALEXANDER (KDKA) -- Traffic moves at a good clip along Route 40 near the intersection with Lake Road in West Alexander, Washington County.

J.D. Martin was working nearby at his auto sales business around 3:30 p.m. Thursday.

"I was walking up to the house when I heard tires squealing," said Martin, "and looked down, saw the truck veer out of control over pipes and into the field."

Calling 911 to get help on the way, Martin took off down the road.

"I saw a woman exit the truck, running through the fields screaming," he said.

Martin found the woman bending over a 4-year-old girl. The child appeared to have been ejected from the truck somehow, suffering serious head injuries.

"The one gentleman got a roll of paper towels, made a pad out of them," Martin said.

Waiting for emergency responders, the girl was still conscious and clutching Martin's little finger.

"She was very brave, she responded well. I just asked her name and her age," he said.

And her favorite color - pink.

"The paramedics started cutting off her jacket to check the other injuries," Martin said.

She didn't like that. But once stabilized, a medical helicopter landing in the field ferried the child to Children's Hospital.

Her image is still etched in Martin's mind's eye.

"I'd like to know how she's doing, and I hope she's doing good," he said. "And I owe her a new pink jacket."

There's still a lot of investigating to do. Was the little girl in a child restraint seat or a seatbelt?

Donegal Township Police Chief John Yancosek says none of that is clear yet.

The child's current condition was not available.

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