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Zeoli Show Log 4.28.15

3:32 Rich talks to FOX News Legal Analyst Andrew Napolitano about the riots the Baltimore.

4:00 Rich talks to Baltimore radio host Brian Nehman about the riots and the current state of the city.

4:09 A New Jersey court is considering whether it is neglectful to leave a child alone in a car for 5 minutes.

4:17 Rich speaks with Michael Steele, the former Lt. Governor of Maryland, about the riots in Baltimore.

4:33 Rich talks with David Sirota, Senior Editor and the International Business Times, about companies paying former President Bill Clinton speaking fees while lobbying the State Department while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State.

4:50 The NFL is giving up it's tax exempt status.

5:02 A McDonald's in Altoona has declared all children must be accompanied by adults.

5:24 The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the legal standing of same sex marriages.

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