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Zeoli Show Log 3.18.15

3:00 The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that teachers who had sex with students on a school trip to Germany cannot be tried in New Jersey.

3:34 Under Governor Tom Wolf's latest budget proposal, there will be less exemptions to the commonwealth's sales tax.

3:49 Dolce and Gabbana responded to threats of boycotts for their statements on in-vitro fertilization.

4:00 Illinois Senator Dick Durbin attacked Republicans for delaying the confirmation vote of Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch.

4:17 An internet conspiracy holds that Stevie Wonder is not blind.

4:23 A female teacher in New Jersey was indicted for having sex with male students.

4:38 A new documentary details a man's love affair with a dolphin.

4:47 Rich talks to Will Bunch from the Philadelphia Daily News about Starbucks engaging with their customers in discussions on race relations.

5:00 A school student in Virginia was suspended for a year for bringing something that looked like a marijuana leaf to school.

5:24 A comic book cover was changed after outrage over the depiction of the Joker terrorizing Batgirl.

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