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Zeoli Show Log 12.01.16

3pm - Indiana Gives $7 Million in Tax Breaks to Keep Carrier Jobs

3:10pm - Trump starts 'thank you' tour

3:20pm - Kenney: Anti-Trump vandalism involving city attorney 'dumb mistake'

4pm - Rich spoke with Dr. Mazz during Ask the Doctor regarding the appointment of Dr. Tom Price and Obamacare.

4:20pm - Donny Deutsch: Average Age Of Democratic Party Leadership Is 75, "Ideas Are Not New"

4:25pm - Newt Gingrich Mocks Mitt Romney For "Sucking Up" To Donald Trump

4:30pm - Toomey Opposes Sanctuary Cities, UPenn Protects Undocumented

4:35pm - Designer Tom Ford says he won't dress Melania Trump

4:50pm - Rich spoke with Julie Kelly of the National Review regarding her article, Quinoa Apocalypse.

5pm - 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

5:10pm - Kenney: Anti-Trump vandalism involving city attorney 'dumb mistake'

5:35pm - Warren: Trump Is "Handing The Keys Of The Treasury Over To A Wall Street Banker Who Helped Cause The Crash"

5:40pm - Dem Rep. Cleaver: "We Have No Strategy And We Have No Plan"

5:50pm - White House: Obama supports registering women for military draft

5:55pm - BuzzFeed comes under fire for bizarre story on HGTV couple's same-sex marriage beliefs

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