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Zeoli Show Log 10.12.15

3pm - Happy Indigenous People's Day.

3:05pm - Chase Utley suspended for slide in.

3:10pm - CNN prepares for the Democratic debate.

3:15pm - Aerosmith silences Donald Trump over Dream On.

3:20pm - Rich recaps SNL's memorable moments.

3:30pm - Mark Antonio Wright, assistant editor at National Review, discussed Christopher Columbus day.

3:45pm - Bernie Sanders beliefs in Democratic socialism.

4pm - An 8th grader is suspended for honoring soldiers.

4:35pm - Chase Utley suspended from tonight's game.

4:45pm - Eagles for the win.

4:50pm - Elderly woman banned from Wholefoods in NJ. 

5pm - Is Paul Ryan next up?

5:05pm - President Obama gives advice to Kanye West.

5:10pm - Trump fires back at President Obama.

5:15pm -  Obama discusses Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal.

5:20pm - Uniformed police officer kicked out of Olive Garden.

5:30pm - Halloween banned at a Connecticut school.



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