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Zeoli Show Log 10.09.15

3pm - Is Ben Carson lying about being held at gun point at Popeyes in Baltimore.

3:30pm - Donald Trump's biggest fan is a Mexican woman.

3:45pm - Business are behind in yearly revenue after Pope's Visit.

3:50pm -  Have you experienced any freak car accidents?

4pm - During Ask The Doctor, Dr. Mazz discussed Pope Weekend, the nurse reusing syringes, cereal recalls and physician assisted suicide.

4:30pm - Controversial Halloween scenes and costumes

4:50pm - Judge jails domestic abuse victim for not testifying against attacker.

4:55pm - Breaking News: Tornado Warning for Montgomery County.

5pm - Is eminent domain too much government power?

5:40pm - 1 out of every 3 vegetarians eats meat when they are drunk.

5:50pm - Television Series Season Premiers


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