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Zeoli Show Log 04.01.16

3pm - Pennsylvania voters switching party at what may be record pace ahead of April 26 primary

3:20pm - Rich spoke with Peter Morici, Economist, Business Professor at the University of Maryland and author at about his piece, In Wisconsin Both Trump and GOP Will Lose.

3:30pm - Rove: 'Fresh Face' Best Chance for GOP to Beat Hillary

3:50pm - How the Virgin Islands could decide the GOP presidential nomination

4pm - U of Michigan Students Call Police Over Pro-Donald Trump Chalkings

4:20pm - Guns N' Roses announce North American tour, playing Philly in July

4:25pm - Speed cameras touted as lifesavers in Pa.

4:40pm - Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump's abortion comments

4:50pm - Gov. Chris Christie defends Donald Trump's comments on abortion.

5pm - Ben & Jerry's founders giving out Bernie Sanders ice cream

5:30pm - The Real or Fake Game

5:50pm -  The White-Guy Jobs Deficit

6pm - Chris Christie defends his M&Ms eating method to WFAN's Boomer & Carton

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