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Zeoli Show Log 02.23.16

3pm - Union leader Dougherty in clash with nonunion contractor

3:30pm - Guantanamo Bay: Obama sends closure plan to Congress

4pm - Donald Trump on protester: 'I'd like to punch him in the face'

4:20pm - Trump v. Rubio Tweets

4:30pm - Gov. Ed Rendell discussed Burger King breaking into the hot dog business, a Trump and Kasich ticket and  Bernie Sanders' struggle with superdelegates.

5pm - Joe Biden torpedoes Dems' SCOTUS beef 

5:10pm - I Wouldn't Let My Staff Use a Non-Official Server To Transmit Classified Information

5:12pm - Comedy Central's Nightly Show: Rubio and Cruz Aren't Really Hispanic

5:20pm - Cornel West: 'Sister Hillary Clinton is the Milli Vanilli of American politics'

5:30pm - FOP President John McNesby discussed  assault investigation involving off-duty police officers and ex-Eagles running back LeSean McCoy.

5:50pm -   Donald Trump muses about Marco Rubio's eligibility to run for president


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