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Zeoli Show Log 02.04.16

3:00 - The problem with Marco Rubio

3:09 - Ted Cruz wants Rand Paul's constituents

3:25 - Hillary Clinton can't empathize with U.S. citizens

3:36 - Bernie Sanders offers Mea Culpa on VA delays

3:41 - The real story behind the Iowa Caucus

3:48 - Bernie Sanders' children's book ideas

4:00 - Mitt Romney wants ABC to change their rules to include Carly Fiorina in the next debate

4:06 - Drafting women for the military

4:35 - Rich talks to CBS 3 Philly Sports Director Don Bell about Super Bowl 50

4:51 - CNN and not Cruz Campaign responsible for Ben Carson campaign 'suspension' rumor

5:00 - Is the Ted Cruz camp responsible for the Ben Carson campaign misstep

5:35 - Chris Christie wants to beat up Hillary

5:51 - Jeb Bush wants you to 'please clap'

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