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Zeoli Show Log 01.15.16

3pm - Trump's Reaganesque Moment Last Night

3:50pm - Twitter Breakdown Notify the Authorities

4pm - Ann Coulter discussed the GOP debate, Ted Cruz's eligibility for President and more.

4:20pm - CDC Says Your Hangover Is Costing The Country 

4:30pm - Gov. Ed Rendell discussed the Republican Debate and the new Philadelphia Eagles coach, Doug Pederson.

4:50pm - California nurse told she won Powerball, but was a prank

4:52pm - Chipotle to close all restaurants on Feb. 8 for food safety meeting

5pm -Rich recapped the GOP debate

5:25pm - Mother of Benghazi Victim Gives Her Reaction to Seeing Michael Bay's '13 Hours,' Screams 'Hillary Is a Liar!' on the Air

5:30pm - Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele discussed the Republican debate.

5:50pm - "El Chapo" Guzman: Sean Penn talks about controversial secret interview with Mexican drug lord



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