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With Money Order and Some Hubbub, Milton Street Pays Late Fee on Campaign Finance Reporting

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former Pennsylvania state senator Milton Street is among those running for mayor in Philadelphia, and today he showed up at City Hall to deliver his campaign finance reports, more than a week late.

And then further problems ensued.

"You take cash?  You got ten dollars?  I have it!  Ten dollars."

Milton Street was ten dollars short on the $130 fine that he faced for filing his campaign finance report nine days late.  He said his campaign treasurer had had health issues.

The report claims about $2,000 in contributions last year, but Street claims he's not far behind because his name recognition alone is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"I got $800-thousand worth of absolute goodwill!" Street said today.  "I got another $2.4 million of general goodwill.  There's very few people in this city who don't know who I am.  So, people raise a lot of money to get name recognition -- I have that.  And there's a value on it, and I put it in my report."

Reporters pressed Street on the longstanding question of whether he lives in North Philadelphia, as his paperwork claims, or in New Jersey, as has long been reported.

"What you want to know is where I sleep," Street responded today. " I sleep at the Holiday Inn.  I sleep all over.  But where am I domiciled?  Ask me that question.  Don't ask me where I live.  Because I don't know whether sleep and live is synonymous.  Do you want to know where I'm domiciled?  I'm domiciled in North Philly."

(Dunn:)  "And where do you sleep?"

(Street:)  "Wherever I am when I get sleepy."

Eventually, Street got a ten-dollar money order, paid the full fine, and filed his report.  He plans to formally file for mayor next week.




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