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'The Wildwoods Have Instagramability': It's A Sign Of The Times With Cameras Always At The Ready Down The Shore

NORTH WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) – When one thinks of the Wildwoods, it's hard not to think of the signature sign located on the boardwalk. People arrive all day and night to take pictures and it's become a tradition for many to capture that memorable vacation photo.

Years ago, you might send a post card from this vacation hot spot, but now you can instantly post a photo for family and friends. There are dozens of places around the Wildwoods to snap the perfect summer selfie or Instagram story. It's a sign of the times with cameras always at the ready.

"The Wildwoods have Instagramability, there are so many iconic shots that you can take throughout the Wildwoods," Greater Wildwoods Tourism Authority director of marketing and public relations Ben Rose said.

There are many photo-worthy shots around the Wildwoods outside of the famous sign.

Some love having the roller coasters and the Ferris wheel in the background

ferris wheel
(Credit: CBS3)

"Some of them are the entrance to Morey's Piers," Rose said, "and when you stand right at the entrance under the arch, you can see all the rides in the background. That's a beautiful shot. The archway coming into the entrance to the boardwalk in North Wildwood."

That archway welcomes the happiest people in the world or you can snap a selfie with an iconic mural.

happiest people in the world
(Credit: CBS3)

"At the start of the bike path down in Wildwood Crest is the bike sculpture and a lot of people love to take selfies in front of that," Rose said.

But without a doubt, the No. 1 spot for snapping pictures is in front of the giant Wildwoods sign.

bike sculpture
(Credit: CBS3)

"The sign really was the brain child of our board members," Rose said. "Jack Morey, who owns Morey's Piers – little did we know, it would turn into one of the biggest icons in the Wildwoods and one of the most photographed icons of the Wildwoods."

Spanning 80 feet long and standing 20 feet high, the aluminium letters have been attracting visitors since 2007.

"Since then millions of people have photographed themselves in front of that sign," Rose said.

You can even live stream a hello from this location.

What Makes Everyone Go Wild About The Wildwoods?

"We installed an Earth cam that has you live on camera, 24/7 broadcast around the world," Rose said, "and friends can go online and see you wave to them and hear you because it's sound and it's HD."

"Well, this place is very cute looking and it's very Instagram-y," Dulce, a vacationer, said, "and I think the beach balls look nice. It's very pleasing for Instagram and that's why I like it."

"This is like the epitome of getting your Wildwood shot," Terri said. "Here we are in Wildwood. It makes a great self post card. You can put it on Facebook, everybody knows we're here. The beach balls, everything is just fun about this spot."

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